Pair of Fossilized Coral Pendants


This is a matching pair of Indonesian silicified fossil coral.  They have been drilled so they are ready to be made into earrings! 

What drew me to them was the fact, that they are the happiest stones I've ever seen. Fossilized "Summer of Love".


This type of fossil corals is typically found on the western Indonesian Islands of Sumatra and Java. These materials are the buried remnants of ancients reefs thrust up onto the land mass by plate techtonics. They lie situated in the mountainous regions of the Bukit Barisan Range from central to southern Sumatra and the rugged mountains of western and eastern Java. In east Indonesia, there are fossil corals found on remote mountainous parts of Halmahera Island.

The discovery of well preserved coral reefs well into the mountains of south Sumatra is testament to the fact that sea levels in the Miocene (23mya) were once much higher than today.

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