2.83 cts - Sapphire Like Blue to Violet Color Shift Spinel!


Video taken in shaded sunlight. First picture take in sunlight. Second Picture taken in fluorescent.


Wow, this is a killer Spinel, many would think it was a Sapphire. A nicely saturated medium dark (just shy of medium) blue color in sunlight. A medium violet in fluorescent. Very little grey. The stone is slightly included, but the inclusions don't jump out at you. You have to look to see them face up in hand in bright light. Turn the stone around from north to south, & it becomes very slightly included, very close to eye clean. Nice polish & sparkle. A very gemmy Spinel!


Color - Daylight - Medium dark tone blue. GIA gemset B 5/3 - Very slightly grayish

Color - Florescent - Medium tone violet. GIA gemset V 5/3 - Very slightly grayish

Clarity - Slightly included

Cut - Oval step

Dimensions - 8.80 mm x 7.00 mm x 5.40 mm

Weight - 2.83 ct

Treatment - None

Origin - Sri Lanka

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