9.45 cts - Incredible Untreated Padparadscha Like Zircon!


Video taken in natural shaded sunlight. First picture taken in shaded sunlight. Second picture taken in fluorescent. Rest of pictures taken in shaded sunlight.


Now here is a rare Zircon! Padparadcscha like color. Medium light tone. Huge at 9.45 cts. Sparkle & dispersion to spare from its portuguese cut.


In florescent, the stone looks most Padparadscha like. In natural sunlight it becomes more pink, but that orange secondary color is always there. Pink & orange lasers shoot from this stone. Even in low lighting, it is brilliant. In some mixed lighting, you can coax out pink, orange, & light violetish purple flash. A rare stone indeed, I should keep this one.


Color - Medium light tone orangish red (pink). GIA gemset P 4/3 - Very slightly grayish

Clarity - Eye clean

Cut - Oval - portuguese

Dimensions - 13.30 mm x 10.20 mm x 7.00

Weight - 9.45 ct

Treatment - None

Origin - Sri Lanka

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