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I have a Gran 3000 Colorimeter purchased approximately 8 years ago for $6000.

I was using it without any problems for several months.....usually, the unit graded 1 color grade lower than GIA reports.

The unit suddenly indicated it needed calibration.???  I called Kassoy (where I purchased it) and they contacted Sarin.  I was walked through a recalibration technique, which worked but after I got another error message, I placed the Gran in a locked cabinet.  I have Diamond Masters so I didn't actually "NEED" the Gran.

I took it out today and everything turned on smoothly.  Grading was accurate.  I tested with a GIA D color, and E color and an unknown, which I later verified with the diamond masters. 

Included is the "Smart Label Printer" offered as an accessory for the device: the extension cord for the label printer has been misplaced.


Sold as is.  No warranty inplied.

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