6.41 cts. - Exceptionally Large and Vivid Blue Kyanite With Video!


The biggest Kyanite I ever had, & probably the finest. Many finely colored Kyanites are medium dark in tone, but this one is a pure medium toned vivid blue! This stone will make many a blue Sapphire envious. There is color zoning in this stone, as you can see in the video, which, btw, really shows off the color! Mounted, or on a darker background like this stones picture, the zoning tends to disappear greatly, & should be no problem not showing mounted. The stone is almost eye clean. The cutting is pretty descent, considering Kyanite is one of the worse cut stones on the market. Ovals are not common, normally Emerald type cuts are. A gem! Picture taken in daylight florescent. The white marks are dust you see in the picture. Color - Medium tone blue - GIA Gemset - P 5/6 - Vivid saturation Clarity - Very, very, slightly included Cut - Oval step cut Dimensions - 12.00 mm x 9.80 mm x 5.8 mm Weight - 6.41 cts Treatment - None Origin - Nepal $6.00 shipping via USPS priority mail in USA with tracking number. 7 Day return policy once you receive the stone. Your money back if not satisfied.

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