Learn How to Sell on Gemology Online Community Marketplace

What can you sell?

  • Gems, both Loose and Mounted

    All treatments must be disclosed. No misrepresentation will be tolerated.

  • Collector's Mineral Specimens and Fossils

    Mineral specimens and fossils are welcome.  Many organic products* are not permitted to be sold.

  • Gemological and Lapidary Tools and Supplies

    Both New and Used tools may be listed

  • Gemological, Jewelry Appraisal Books

    All books, magazines and printed items relating to gems, jewelry, lapidary, goldsmithing can be listed here.

  • Gem Related Software and Videos

    These items may be sold for direct download or to be physically shipped.

  • Hand-made Contemporary Jewelry

    You can sell contemporary jewelry you personally make. All must contain natural gems, organics* or fossils which are properly represented, listing all treatments.

  • Gem and Mineral Inspired Gift Items

    This includes T-shirts, coffee mugs, calendars, etc.

  • Vintage or Antique Jewelry and d'Object

    Vintage and Antique Jewelry or d'Object made with natural gems, minerals and permitted organics* can be posted here.

  • Photographic Accessories for Gems & Jewelry

    Cameras, turntables, light boxes, props, etc. can be sold here


*Prohibited Organic products include, but are not limited to ivory, bone, tortoise shell, horn and/or any product related to an endangered species.  Rule of thumb: WHEN IN DOUBT, DON'T POST!



How does it work?

  • List item

    You list the item for a fee. Just pay 25¢ for each item and it will be valid for 60 days.

  • Get paid

    Shoppers find your item and pay. The commission paid to Gemology Online is 5%.

  • Ship item

    You ship the item to your customer.

Why sell with us

  • Active buyers

    Gemology Online Community Marketplace shoppers are looking for unusual and collectible gems, parcels of cuttable rough gems, handmade gemstone jewelry, gemological and lapidary supplies and Gemologically relevant books and Videos. Reach the ideal customer for your products when you sell on Gemology Online Community Marketplace.

  • About Us

    Gemology Online was founded in 2000 to serve as a source for free and accurate
    gemological information for the professional jewelry and lapidary community.
    In 2005 we added a Gemology Online forum, which is currently the most active gem forum in the world. 
    The forum has assembled a group of like minded gem and jewelry professionals and enthusiasts whose core intention was to make industry
    news freely and accurately available to everyone in the world.

    In 2008 we developed The Gemology Project , a non-profit gemstone and gem science
    wiki-style database for anyone interested in gemstones, gemology (gemmology) and lapidary art.

    In 2012 we are introducing a Community Marketplace to empower our
    members with the ability to offer theirwares, integrity and expertise internationally.

    Our venue is limited only to gem, jewelry and lapidary related products. 

    No business or individual is too small to participate.

    You can customize your shop with a banner, profile, shop policies and more!