Privacy Policy

Gemology Online’s Marketplace will not sell or disclose your name, email address or other personal information to third parties without your explicit consent, except as specified in this policy.

As a Gemology Online’s Marketplace member you are required to provide a valid email address at registration and choose a username or alias that may represent your identity on Gemology Online’s Marketplace

Depending on which services you choose to use, Gemology Online’s Marketplace may require additional information, such as a shop name, billing and payment information (including billing address, telephone number, credit card information), a telephone number, and/or a physical mailing address. Gemology Online’s Marketplace may contact individual shop owners to confidentially request more information about their shops or items listed on the site, to ensure compliance with our rules.

You may optionally choose to provide your full name and other personal information (such as birthday, gender, location) to be publicly displayed in connection to your account and activity.

Your username, Gemology Online’s Marketplace ID or alias is publicly displayed and connected to your Gemology Online’s Marketplace activity. Other people may see your date joined, feedback, ratings, profile information, items listed for sale, shop pages, sold item listings, and comments in community spaces.

Gemology Online’s Marketplace automatically receives and records some information from your browser when you visit the site, such as your IP address, cookies and data about which pages you visit on the site through the use of log files provided by our third-party tracking-utility partners. This information helps us analyze and understand how the site works for members and visitors, and provide a more personalized experience for members and visitors.

Gemology Online’s Marketplace may receive or collect information (for example: email address) about a person who is not yet a registered Etsy member (a “non-member”)  in connection with certain Gemology Online’s Marketplace features, including but not limited to: a non-member subscribing to an Gemology Online’s Marketplace newsletter.

Gemology Online’s Marketplace uses the information described in this policy to provide and improve our services and products, for billing and payments, for identification and authentication purposes, to contact members or interested parties, and for general research and aggregate reporting. 

Gemology Online’s Marketplace Terms of Use require all account owners to be at least 18 years of age (or have the permission and supervision of a responsible parent or legal guardian), therefore, this policy does not discuss use of our site or services by minors.